Earl Green & the Right Time CD Launch Party -London -24th November

John writes –
It was Earl Green and the Right Time, live once more at Bronte Blues Club … but not quite! As the last of the rush hour traffic rushed along the busy Islington streets outside, Right Time guitarist Ron Warshow welcomed one and all to this very special performance which formed the launch party for their new CD – Live at Bronte Blues Club. Giving praise and thanks to all at Bronte Blues for enabling their new disc to exist, he then asked the audience, already not inconsiderable, to imagine being in our little village hall atop the Pennines, surrounded by fields and sheep. And the show itself? Well, no need to provide a set list: a splendid soulful rendition of the album, in order, in its entirety.

Although this is a working pub with a clientele which ebbed and flowed throughout the evening, a large proportion of the ever increasing throng were there for the music which they greeted loudly and enthusiastically. Indeed, as the band moved into a second half which included guests spots, the place was bouncing. So, despite the vastly different surroundings, the star of Bronte Blues shone brightly over north east London.