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Bronte Blues Awards 2012 (announced 15th February)

Best vocalist – Matt Andersen

Best guitarist (electric) – Eugene ‘Hideaway’ Bridges

Best guitarist (acoustic) – Matt Andersen

Best bassist – Ian Jennings

Best harpist – Giles King (Hokie Joint)

Best drummer – Stephen Cutmore ( Hokie Joint)

Best keyboard player – Ray Drury (The Producers)

Best acoustic act – Lisa Mills & Ian Jennings

Best band – The Revolutionaires

Best dressed act – The Revolutionaires

Best all-round entertainer – Ed Stephenson (The Revolutionaires)

‘the bbc’ -it’s a blues EDUCATION!

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Blues birthday of the Month.

May – Blind Willie McTell

Blind Willie McTell (born William Samuel McTier May 5, 1898 – August 19, 1959), was a Piedmont and ragtime blues singer and guitarist. He played with a fluid, syncopated fingerstyle guitar technique, common among many exponents of Piedmont blues, although, unlike his contemporaries, he came to use twelve-string guitars exclusively. McTell was also an adept slide guitarist, unusual among ragtime bluesmen. His vocal style, a smooth and often laid-back tenor, differed greatly from many of the harsher voice types employed by Delta bluesmen, such as Charley Patton. McTell embodied a variety of musical styles, including blues, ragtime, religious music and hokum.

Born blind in the town of Thomson, Georgia, McTell learned how to play guitar in his early teens. He soon became a street performer around several Georgia cities including Atlanta and Augusta, and first recorded in 1927 for Victor Records. Although he never produced a major hit record, McTell’s recording career was prolific, recording for different labels under different names throughout the 1920s and 30s. In 1940, he was recorded by John Lomax for the Library of Congress’s folk song archive. He would remain active throughout the 1940s and 50s, playing on the streets of Atlanta, often with his longtime associate, Curley Weaver. Twice more he recorded professionally. McTell’s last recordings originated during an impromptu session recorded by an Atlanta record store owner in 1956. McTell would die three years later after suffering for years from diabetes and alcoholism. Despite his mainly failed releases, McTell was one of the few archaic blues musicians that would actively play and record during the 1940s and 50s. However, McTell never lived to be “rediscovered” during the imminent American folk music revival, as many other bluesmen would.[1]

McTell’s influence extended over a wide variety of artists, including The Allman Brothers Band, who famously covered McTell’s “Statesboro Blues”, and Bob Dylan, who paid tribute to McTell in his 1983 song “Blind Willie McTell”; the refrain of which is, “And I know no one can sing the blues, like Blind Willie McTell”. Other artists influenced by McTell include Taj Mahal, Alvin Youngblood Hart, Ralph McTell, Chris Smither and The White Stripes.

Bronte Blues Awards 2011 -The Winners!

Best Vocalist -Earl Thomas * Best Keyboardist -Paddy Milner * Best Solo Artist -Marcus Bonfanti * Best Electric Guitarist -Ramon Goose * Best Acoustic Guitarist -Danny Blomeley * Best Bassist -Fergie Fulton * Best Harpist -Mike Paice * Best ‘Other Instrument’ – Tony Marshall * Best Drummer -Alex Cromerty * Best Dressed Act -Hokie Joint * Best Band -Earl Thomas & Paddy Milner’s Big Sound * Best All-Round Entertainer -Eugene ‘Hideaway’ Bridges.

“You can’t judge a book by looking at the cover…..”

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Bronte Blues Club Awards 2010 -the winners!

Pics -John & Charles

Best dressed act – The Revolutionaires * Best harpist – ‘Big Pete’ van der Pluijim

Best drummer – Mark Matthews * Best instrumentalist (other) – Stratton Doyle

Best bassist – Rich Stephenson * Best keyboardist – Paddy Milner

Best guitarist (acoustic) – Marcus Bonfanti * Best guitarist (electric) – Matt Schofield

Best vocalist -Earl Green * Best solo act -Ian Siegal * Best band – Hamilton Loomis Band

2009 Awards ……they were announced on 8th January 2010 –

Hamilton Loomis was delighted, on 26th March, to receive his ‘bbc best-of ‘ awards for ‘Best Electric Guitarist’ and ‘Best Band’ in 2009

Picture -Charles Waller

Best Drummer – Mark Matthews (Revolutionaires)

Best Instrumentalist (other) –Harper (Didgeridoo)

Best Harpist –Johnny Mars

Best Bassist- Akos Hasznos (Ramon Goose Band)

Best Keyboardist – Ben Waters Best Guitarist (Acoustic) – Toby Walker

Best Guitarist (Electric) –Hamilton Loomis Best Vocalist – Kyla Brox

Best Dressed Band –The Revolutionaires Best Solo Artist –Ben Waters

Best Acoustic Act –Toby Walker Best Band –Hamilton Loomis Band

“That’s fantastic news!! What a wonderful way to start off our morning. I’d be delighted if you could send those certificates to us… we’ll be sure to frame them on the wall. Please extend my thanks to all of the members of the Bronte Blues Club.” (Toby Walker)

“That’s Awesome…I wish I was with you guys over there right now! “(Harper)

Hall of Fame 2008 – Bronte Blues Club’s First Annual Awards

Pictures by Charles Waller shows Roach & Mars receiving their award in February 2009 and Doug MacLeod receiving his in June.

In December, members voted for the best acts of 2008.. RESULTS WERE ANNOUNCED ON 9th JANUARY!

Best Dressed Act – Michael Roach & Johnny Mars

Best CD on sale – ‘Guitar Man Live’ – Sherman Robertson

Best keyboard-player – Jools Gudging

Best bassist -Roger Innes

Best harpist – Paul Lamb

Best acoustic guitarist -Doug MacLeod

Best electric guitarist -Sherman Robertson

Best vocalist – Kyla Brox

Best solo artist -Doug MacLeod

Best acoustic act – Kyla Brox Trio

Best Band -Sherman Robertson Band


Branwell’s A-Z of the blues

A Aaron ‘T-Bone’ Walker- The King of West Coast Swing; innovative blues guitarist.

B- Bessie Smith – the ‘Empress of the Blues’; raunchy and regal.

C Chess Records -the Chicago label that defined blues-as-we-know it; Wolf, Waters ‘n’ more.

D Delta Blues – down home country blues, often featuring acoustic slide guitar.

E Eric Clapton- the epitome of white blues-guitar heroes; his heart is in it!

F Freddie Below – possibly the greatest blues drummer ever.

G Gospel Music -the spiritual sister music to the secular blues

Buddy Guy – longstanding guitar hero idolised by GB bluesmen.

H Howling Wolf – primeval life-force was Muddy’s greatest rival.

I Illinois –Chicago was the ‘promised land’ for black musicians from the southern USA.

J Jimmy Reed- the ‘Big Boss Man’ was a ‘one-trick-pony’ but an extremely popular one in the 1960s.

K King; BB, Freddie & Albert – three influential electric blues guitar namesakes

Keb Mo – Grammy-winning popular contemporary singer/songwriter bluesman

L ‘Lemon Jefferson’ – this blind Texan wrote the blueprint for acoustic bluesmen.

M Memphis Slim –urbane piano bluesman,

Muddy Waters – from sharecropping to King of Chicago, the original Hoochie Coochie Man.

N Nu Blues – modern UK blues-rock-sample hybrid. It’s new but is it blues?

O – Otis Redding ; not a bluesman? Listen to the self-penned ‘Hawg for You’

P Paul Jones – from pop singer to UK blues guru; to appear on his show is to have ‘arrived’ in the UK

Q ‘Queen of Soul’ – Aretha Franklin’s blues tracks, such as Dr. Feelgood, are a revelation.

R Ray Charles – much feted singer/ pianist credited with the invention of soul-music.

Robert Johnson – the most covered Delta bluesman artist ever?

S Soul Music- what urban blues became in the 1960s

Sonny Boy Willamson II – ‘Rice Millar’ was a harp player extremely influential on the ‘British Blues Boom’.

T Ike Turner – Tina’s revelation of marital strife masked his huge contribution to R’n’B music.

U Underground sound – Blues/ R’n’B was the hip music for the 60’s in crowd.

V Victoria Spivey – top singer-songwriter-pianist of the St Louis jazz-blues era.

W Willie Dixon – Chicago bass-man and songwriter without equal

X Crossover Hit – to have a hit record in the ‘White Chart’ was a crock of gold for artistes on the ‘chitling circuit’.

Y J immy Yancy – Chicago-born blues pianist of the first decade of 20th C.

Z Z Z Top – 12 bar blues-rock with beards. Blues for rednecks?