A rat is among the most annoying pests. Have you ever had your important documents or interview shirt spoiled by a mouse? If yes you know how bad you want those rats dead. There are many ways to kill a rat. You can have them poisoned or have them trapped. However, many people do not know how to set the traps. A small mistake when setting up the trap spoils everything. This article will outline some common mistakes when setting up a rat trap and how to avoid them. Read on

Mistakes made when setting a rat trap

Setting up the traps late

tabDealing with a single rat is hectic. What will happen if you have to deal with ten of them? Many people realize and start dealing with this pest when they are too many. At this point, simple home traps might not work. You need to deal with rats as soon as you notice the first one. This does not mean there is no hope of dealing with many of them. There is a solution to everything. Call the nearest pest control company, and they will have the rats out of your house.

Too much bait

This is another big mistake. If you have too much bait, the rats might just eat the area without bait. This means they will get more energy to reproduce than dying. Get a small portion of whatever you are using as bait, add the poison and mix well. With this, the rat will not miss poison because it is all over the bait.


The rat should not access water after eating the poisoned bait. Mostly the bait is set to dehydrate the rat. If then they happen to get water around, the poison will have no power over it. Make sure that there is no uncovered water around or any leaking taps.

Wrong positioning

tabAnother mistake is positioning the bait where the rat does reach. Research and note the path used by the rats. They mostly use Dark areas behind furniture. This is the perfect place because they must pass there. Another place the rats love is the kitchen. They visit the area for leftovers. Make sure to place a bait on the kitchen table and the shelves. Rats love dark places. If you have stuff under the bed, or disorganized closet, you will never get rid of rats. Keep your house clean and organized such that they will not have anywhere to hide.